29 Ağustos 2012 Çarşamba

Turkey - Legal e-News April 2012

UNDP Turkey Monthly Newsletter ISSUE 76 > APRIL 2012   UNDP AND ROTARY ALONGSIDE SMES FROM ANTALYA   UNDP and Rotary’s “Corporate Responsibility for a Sustainably Competitive Turkey Project” seminars continue. Ankara, April 2012 - Following Adana, Gebze, Eskişehir, Samsun and Gaziantep another seminar was held at Antalya chamber of Commerce and Industry on March 9. Bayrampaşa Rotary Club President Semra Baysan and Kuruçeşme Rotary Club President Attorney Ulya Selçuk explained the concept of corporate responsibility to participants. Representatives of local municipalities and managers of producing SMEs took part in the seminar. In the second part of the seminar, Attorney Ulya Selçuk, trainer, talked about the terms and advantages of the Global Compact. Corporate Responsibility for a Sustainably Competitive Turkey Project, aims to ensure that SMEs in Anatolia include social responsibility principles to their working process. The project is comprised of the following phases: Corporate Responsibility (CR), Sustainable Awareness Workshops; CR Situation Assessment and Analysis; CR Strategy Developing and Resolution Generating Seminar; and Communication and Inclusion to International Networks. The training program is provided to establishments in Anatolia free-of-charge. Among the targets set to be achieved until April 2013 are organizing 100 CR trainings in 81 provinces of Turkey, 50 of them being in Marmara region, and making sure that the SMEs, important actors in Turkey’s development process, include CR principles to their governance plans at the end of the project and sign the Global Compact. Editor : Faik Uyanık Assistant : Esra Sergi & Gönenç İnal http://www.undp.org.tr/Gozlem2.aspx?WebSayfaNo=3790